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It's time to Unleash Your
Inner Confidant!

Confidence is not something you’re just born with, it’s an
inner power that is developed.

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I learned early as a child that the realities of social, cultural, and religious barriers in our society are major influences on our journeys in life. As a result of these influences, we sometimes subconsciously choose to wear masks to protect ourselves from our realities. Wearing these masks not only make it easy for us to suppress our feelings, but also directly challenge our inner confidence.

Learning how to unleash your unique inner confidant, is the best gift of selfcare you can give yourself mentally, physically and spiritually. While working with me you will not only have mental freedom, but also be able to live in the reality of your experiences with a healthy dose of confidence.

Who is Crystal Renee

Crystal Renee is a Certified Abundant Life Coach with over 20 years experience in mental wellness and confidence coaching.

Crystal has created relationships worldwide using her expertise and coaching techniques. She passionately shares her story of how she learned to master the mystery of how to use Confidence over Compromise in her personal and professional ventures.

She teaches methods to learn how to...

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Your Transformation Starts Today!

I coach successful career individuals & entrepreneurs on how to deal with private struggles of
rejection, family commitments, and mental suppressions of societal judgments

Life Coaching

  • Meditation for Mental Wellness
  • How to balance work/life experience
  • Strategies to Develop Your Inner Mentor
  • Techniques to Process Negative Thoughts into Positive Outcomes
  • Methods of self-preservation
  • Maintain relationship connections with Self, Spouse, Children & Business
  • Strategies of Owning Your Choices Unapologetically

How can we work together?

-Private one-on-one sessions

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Ask Yourself?

  • Are you tired of getting frustrated with decisions you’ve made that didn’t turn
    out right in your business or professional life?

  • Do you make decisions, then doubt yourself?

  • When faced with uncomfortable situations personally or in business, do you
    often feel the need to compromise?

  • Are you concerned about how the decisions you’ve made today will affect your

  • Do you feel at times you’re not enough?

  • Do you set goals and have trouble reaching them?

  • Do you feel that confidence is something you are born with?

  • Do you feel that inspiration is what causes transformation?

It's time to evolve so much that people have to get to know
you again!

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How can I help you?

Receive life-altering and empowering methods for self-care and mental health care.

Learn the building blocks of self-confidence and limit regrets of compromising and feelings of defeat. Uproot the negative “Selfie Garden” using Crystal’s proprietary methods designed to transform and unveil the new inner you to lead the new Confident you!

What are you waiting for?

Discover "The Crystalizing Concept" >>

Client Testimonials

  • “Crystals’ efforts to develop a relationship with me, were noticeably appreciated. She has a wonderful attitude and uplifting approach to helping me resolve with efficiency. I would recommend her to any and everyone that needs guidance with confidence with decision-making with business matters.”

    Rachel Torrance
    Monticello, GA
  • “Crystal was so inspiring, energetic, optimistic, and convincing. I just had to work with her. No was not an option, with her genuine and caring nature!.”

    Trudi A. Williams, Ed.D.
    Atlanta, Ga
  • “I was blessed to receive Crystal's help with building my confidence  during one of the most mentally-defeating times of my life. Not only was her approach tailored for my needs, but she was very thorough and simply dedicated to obtaining my desired results. I highly recommend anyone to work with her.”

    Dr. Shirlene Carter
    Atlanta, GA
  • “Crystal's methods consistently helps me build confidence in decisions that are life-altering. I am grateful to her, and have recommended her services to all my friends. ”

    Abigail Crawford
    Atlanta, GA

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20 Empowering Beliefs to Unleash Your Inner Confidence Today

Your future experiences are shaped by your thinking. Even obstacles we face have value when you can see your elevation in it. You can develop convictions that will help build your “selfie-emotions” Building these emotions, regardless of the situation will aide you in your successes both personally and professionally.



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