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About Crystal

Crystal Renee is a Certified Abundant Life Coach with
over 20 years experience in mental wellness and
confidence coaching.


My Potential Client

I learned early as a child that the realities of social, cultural, and religious barriers in our society are major influences on our journeys in life. As a result of these influences, we sometimes subconsciously choose to wear masks to protect ourselves from our realities. Wearing these masks not only make it easy for us to suppress our feelings, but also directly challenge our inner confidence.

Learning how to unleash your unique inner confidant, is the best gift of selfcare you can give yourself mentally, physically and spiritually. While working with me you will not only have mental freedom, but also be able to live in the reality of your experiences with a healthy dose of confidence.

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Confidently Bold…Unapologetically Me

For the last 18 years of my life, humbly and thankfully I have been a successful Confidence and Mental Elevation Coach.  I have noticed that each person I meet always wants to hear more about me and likewise desires to tell me more about themselves.  I am mostly known for my ability to coach individuals on how to be confident in the most uncomfortable, chaotic business, personal and familial relationships.  I easily develop relationships with people far beyond the scope of our business at hand. I find it natural for me to do so, even with those that initially didn’t believe I was worth my salts...lol.  I was trained to be confident in my skill-set, because the confidence would yield me my desired results.  But what I quickly found out was that “untrained confidence“ was not all that common.  I began to relate to people and coach them in the area of inner confidence and self reliance.  When dealing with business clients I realized people have so many trained skills for success, but so many inner voids.  I understand that people need me to be their personal vault, while helping them navigate through their own personal, business, and life experiences from both their past and present.  I am transparent in my own use of the strategies and processes I have developed.  They have been instrumental in my own life, aiding me to ultimately have abundance in EVERY area of my life.

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The story of My Why

At the age of 6 I learned that the mother I had grown to know and love was not my biological mother.  Growing up in the church I was always taught to pray about feelings I felt, especially if I didn’t understand them.  I remember the feelings of insignificance and confusion, as I struggled to understand what happened and why.  I suppressed these feelings and accepted what I was told, and tried to feel normal while surrounded by constant reminders of my indifference.  I felt trapped, sheltered, misunderstood, and taken for granted all while feeling the pressures to be a “model Christian”.  As a result of not processing my feelings, I began to experience public success coupled with private defeat.  I suffered in relationships with family, friends, my marriage and had bouts of depression.  It was during my times of meditation that I realized I had to completely give my cares to God and give myself a chance at self-care.  I went through a series of strategies that were developed out of my own discomfort, anger, depression and fear.


You see for me, I had become so familiar with my pain that I didn’t realize how much control I had given it. I traced the root of my pain back to those initial suppressed feelings I had not processed as a child. Although, I’ve always been thankful that I had plenty of women in my life that took on the role of a mother and supported me in my upbringing. But if the truth be told nothing they could say or do could fill that void of her absence. I learned things in the church of people being freed and healed, but yet the confliction in my spirit began to eat at me, as I always felt like she was left behind and her voice was not heard. I love my mother, and I’ve heard of her beauty as a model, her intelligence, and no-nonsense attitude. As a “forever “ part of her, I dedicate myself to helping my voice and others to be heard, and strive to experience the ultimate in abundant life. I take it seriously when someone is feeling defeated from inner feelings that have not been processed.

This is near and dear to my heart and subsequently my “Why” of what I do. I believe that when God created me he gave me an inviting, warm smile to create a sense of comfort and safety to help many people unleash their inner voices.

When I tell people my story, I often have to help them pick up their bottom jaw off the ground. "How can you smile, love God, and be healed after such trauma?", they ask. I chose to process my feelings and elevate to peace, one day at a time. I choose not to revel in church-hurt, because I am truly the church and Christ is the head of my life. I am no different from anyone else, that I am excused from the trials life brings. But just like others, I will help you change your mind and understand it’s not about what you’re walking thru, it’s about what you’re walking to. Bottom line: YOUR PAIN WAS MEANT FOR ELEVATION, NOT CONDEMNATION!!

"I use 3 principles that have helped me affirm everyday that I am needed. I have come to understand that the success of execution is far more important than the discomfort of an emotion called fear."

--Crystal Renee

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