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  • Say goodbye to internal and external sabotage for good
  • Use fear for your Success
  • Learn thought-shifting techniques to elevate in the midst of chaos
  • Renew the passion, intimacy and connection with yourself
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About Crystal Renee

Crystal Renee

Crystal passionately shares her story of how she learned to master the mystery of how to use Confidence over Compromise in her personal and professional ventures.

She teaches methods to learn how to use your Mental health to build your wealth with business, develop and maintain success with dating and marriage, and how to discover and use your inner make-up to remove mental and emotional limitations for good.

Her courage and determination to show you the best strategies on how to confidently unleash the inner you, is derived from her own childhood memories of the mental abuse and struggles her biological mother endured. She is dedicated to helping you identify “Confidence Builder Blockers” that may be silencing you, or negatively effecting your self-confidence.