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Crystal Renee delivers transforming and actionable
keynotes to help others discover that the one person
holding all their secrets and highest levels of trust, exists
inside them.

You are the true key to operating in uncompromising

Unleashing the inner you

is the first step to controlling your thoughts, and ultimately navigating thru life with intentional confidence.

The breakthrough of this transformation is not only life-changing,
but liberating both mentally and spiritually.

Using her methods of discovery and implementation to experience
abundance in every area of your life, her warm and inviting personality is the
perfect balance of energizing and results focused fun ALL FROM THE INSIDE!

Speaking Topics

What is the Triple C Effect about?

Be apart of an interactive forum to discuss underlying feelings behind complicated situations and the discomfort they bring. Explore feelings that trigger certain actions, and how those actions affect your decisions to resolve or compromise. When compromising, uncover the voids that can develop from choosing to compromise without confidence. We discuss with professional guidance, methods you can use to differentiate between our natural choices and the ending results from your actions.

With todays’ busy lifestyles, you will learn how our nature contributes to our choices to take the easiest routes when dealing with complications. You will learn how to address your triggers with choices and the unsatisfactory complacent mindsets developed from these decisions. Get ready to use Crystal’s actionary tools to create consistent balance when making confident decisions.

Unleash the Inner Confidant

Compassion is an optimistic feeling that allows one to be humble and intentional when making decisions. We will talk in depth about what compassion creates for you internally, and how it develops your character and builds self-confidence. There are certain internal triggers that compassion can unlock to reveal inner peace and accomplishment. Explore the methods used to release that inner perfect friend that holds all the secrets to your realities and mental freedom. Learn why you are your best friend and the key person to fulfilling your destiny with purpose.

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