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The Crystalizing Concept

Confidence has no Competition! Learn how to manifest your inner strengths
working with me 1 on 1.

"The Crystalizing Concept" will help you
Unleash the Inner Confidant

Are you ready to receive life-altering and empowering methods for self-care and mental health care?

Schedule a call with me to learn the building blocks of self-confidence and limit regrets of compromising and feelings of defeat. Uproot the negative “Selfie Garden” using Crystal’s proprietary methods designed to transform and unveil the new inner you to lead the new Confident you!

In this coaching program you'll learn:

How to Overcome the
Fear of Becoming
Powerful by...

  • Learning Mental and Spiritual Detoxing Skills
  • Implementing Timeline Intervention Strategies
  • Practicing Daily Meditation
  • Acquiring Transformative Steps to Create and Build Self Confidence
  • Utilizing Mental/Self Care Accountability
  • Evaluating Self Preservation Techniques

Everybody has a story! I'd love to hear

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We will discuss 6 methods to redesign
your Inner Confidence

  • 1.


    Create your own comfort by understanding
    your choices

  • 2.


    Be intentional in choices to effectively build
    confidence levels

  • 3.


    Embrace positive thoughts and use
    affirmations to feel confident in choices

  • 4.


    Mentally combine past failures and future
    desires together for better choices

  • 5.


    Don’t be to elaborate in your thinking when
    making a choice

  • 6.


    Use all your research and optimistic thoughts
    to help you in your choices

Work with me to unveil the balance of your confidence and get you
to the next level in your life!

I'm Ready Crystal >>

What people are saying

  • “Crystal was so inspiring, energetic, optimistic, and convincing. I just had to work with her. No was not an option, with her genuine and caring nature!.”

    Trudi A. Williams, Ed.D.
    Atlanta, Ga
    • “Crystals’ efforts to develop a relationship with me, were noticeably appreciated. She has a wonderful attitude and uplifting approach to helping me resolve with efficiency. I would recommend her to any and everyone that needs guidance with confidence with decision-making with business matters.”

      Rachel Torrance
      Monticello, GA
      • “I was blessed to receive Crystal's help with building my confidence  during one of the most mentally-defeating times of my life. Not only was her approach tailored for my needs, but she was very thorough and simply dedicated to obtaining my desired results. I highly recommend anyone to work with her.”

        Dr. Shirlene Carter
        Atlanta, GA
        • “Crystal's methods consistently helps me build confidence in decisions that are life-altering. I am grateful to her, and have recommended her services to all my friends. ”

          Abigail Crawford
          Atlanta, GA
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